Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 52 (for two people)

Food Storage: 5 quarts of cooking oil

Extra Item: 2 quarts of peanut butter

Family Preparedness: Continue with your preparation. You never know when an emergency may happen.

Spiritual Preparedness: Strive to continue to study the scriptures and the Ensign magazine, and to keep the commandments of God.

Week 51 (for two people)

Food Storage: 8 cans of tomato sauce

Extra Item: 8 rolls of toilet paper

Family Preparedness: Go through your 72-hour kit and update as needed.

Spiritual Preparedness: Go to, look up a favorite conference talk, and discuss it with your family.

Week 50 (for two people)

Food Storage: 2 lb of Boullion cubes

Extra Item: 30 pounds of beans

Family Preparedness: Review your disaster plan with all members of your family.

Spiritual Preparedness: Read D&C 88:119. Pray with your spouse as well as your family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week 49 (for two pople)

Food Storage: Fruit drink (to make 30 quarts)

Extra Item: 20 lb of oats

Family Preparedness: Be informed. Visit or obtain a copy of “Preparing Makes Sense, Get Ready Now” by calling 1-800-BE-READY.

Spiritual Preparedness: Read D&C 1:38. Prepare yourself and your family for General Conference.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 48 (for two people)

Food Storage: 8 cans of vegetables

Extra Item: 30 pounds of rice

Family Preparedness: What would you do if there were an emergency in your community? Discuss this with your family.

Spiritual Preparedness: Attend the temple this week!

Week 47 (for two people)

Food Storage: 8 cans of fruit
Extra Item: 8 rolls of toilet paper
Family Preparedness: Review the insert on finances in teh September 2007 Ensign
Spiritual Preparedness: Read and use te talks found in teh april Ensign in Family Home Evening

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 46 (for two people)

Food Storage: 30 pounds of wheat or flour

Extra Item: 11 pounds of macaroni or spaghetti

Family Preparedness: Complete a contact card for each family member. Have each family member keep thee cards handy in their wallets, purse, backpack, etc. These cards should include important phone numbers, including a contact that lives out of the area

Spiritual Preparedness: Read "The Healing Power of Forgiveness" by President James E. Faust. Ensign, May 2007, p. 67